2017…. Happy New Year???

Yes we will get to the car! Ugh but first.

 I wanted to incorporate both my family and boyfriend into my new year plans. I have this little belief that my year will reflect how I brought in the New year. ((Which I am learning is not true,at all)) I came up with the idea to spend my new years eve at home with family, then in Los Angeles to bring in the New Years with my boyfriend. Which is an awesome plan, so I thought. I left home at about 1:20pm in hopes to get to Los Angeles by 830pm …. boy was I wrong! The weather traveling to LA made it slightly difficult to get there on time. We’ll, slightly is an understatement. It made me 5 hours late to be exact. I got to LA at 130am. . . Yes…I was pissed! 

Then, 7 days later I drive to another city to see my friend. We go to dinner, laugh, eat, have fun! As we pull up to their residence, what do I see?  …. OMG, SOMEONE HIT MY CAR! I was instantly over whelmed. All I could think is, I just got this car, Lord what is going on?!

Now it’s 16 days into the new year. I have had to climb over my seat and exit from the passenger side for about a week. My insurance tells me I can get it fixed with a $500 and rental fees…. WTF! Can I get a break!  I’m standing in line at the movies and hear my phone ringing. “Hello” I answer. “Hello ms. we are doing the estimate on your car, an most likely it will be a total loss”. . . Now I’m standing in line, in the middle of rage and on the verge of tears…. I am not even done making payments on the car! I just say, “okay that’s fine and hangup”. I tell my boyfriend and he is super optimistic. “Well, don’t give up. Remember he said LIKELY, not for sure”. (You know that feeling when you drop your last bite of food on the floor. And someone is saying.  “It’s okay, you’ll eat again tomorrow” Yea, it was one of those moments for me. Like I have had it! I have real problems here. It’s a time to be realistic, not optimistic! 

Rewind to new years. . . Im sitting in the bus thinking. I’m not gonna get to spend New Years as I planned. I’m on this bus, with these people I don’t know. Everyone else is out having a AWESOME time and im stuck HERE!! And if this doesn’t make it worse, the man in the seat neat to me is banging his head on the window. Hard.  In this moment i had nothing todo but revert back to my foundation.So what do I do,  start meditating, listening to gospel music and reaffirming myself. When we finally stop I learn that the bus driver had the choice to risk driving the bus over the icey hills. Or taking the long way to ensure the passengers safety…. Now, I look back in thankfulness. That could have been my life. 

Fast forward to today… my insurance calls. They say that the car is good to go on repairs. All they need is my okay. Oh and they will also waive the deductible! Yesterday I was freaking out and now this. 😍…. I am in awe. 

2017, Happy New year??? The question marks were there because I was questioning the whole year without completely experiencing it. I was thinking the worse, without any hope for the future. Walking by sight and not by faith. I am so greatful I had someone by my side to bring me back to my center. (💖My boyfriend💖) To not let me get totally out of character and remind me THINGS HAPPEN! THIS ONE THING IS NOT GOING TO MAKE OR BREAK ME! 

Going forward I will remember, I can only take one step at a time. I can only walk forward and speak the best into existance. 

So now I know, without any question marks. Happy New Year! 2017 will be a great year. Meditation. Prayer. Faith. Love. Only spent forward. 

Comment below! Tell me how your new years is going! 

– Ebony 😚🤗

🤗Home for the holidays!🎄🎆

I absolutely love the holidays, any and all  holidays really lol. Anything I can decorate for and come together with family and friends is the BEST! 

I am currently still on vacation spending time with my family 😆. Getting away from the large, busy city of LA has been wonderful! Don’t get me wrong I am growing to love LA, but being home with familiar,loving faces is amazing. It gives me time to relax, rejuvenate, be loved by my number 1’s,  remember why I work so hard, and reflect! Not to mention the food! Ugh laws! The FOOD! 

Christmas eve feast for GAME NIGHT!

I had eaten my whole breakfast before I decided to take a pic. Hopefully this  explains the half eaten pancake! 

Wish I had a photo of the two Christmas dinners I had…. but it was too good to stop, find my phone and take a piture.

The last two years I have been living on my own. 2014 traveling the US. 2015 fighting for social Justice in Los Angeles. With all the energy needed to do my best in those years. It left me too exhausted to come home and decorate. So, coming home and knowing my home will be decorated and warm is such a relief! I absolutely love it.
Mommy’s home

Grandparents home

I am here a bit longer and plan on making it the best time! I try to come visit frequently! The next thing I will be doing is my annual vision board and goals! But that’s for another blog! 

Share your holiday experiance with me! 

-Ebony 🤗😘

No….wait…Is it a wig!?!?!

Yes y’all I have taken it to the next level and purchased a wig! 🤔 I remember making fun of people wearing wigs and laughing at the thought of it. Thinking…. “what are you gonna do if it falls off?” But hey, I got tired of having something sewn to my head all the time. I wanted my scalp to breath. 

Here’s my lacefront wig review.

I will start by saying, I should have done much more research on hair before my purchase. I bought what I thought was raw Indian Remy hair….. but it was so rough after a couple wears. I had to wash it condition it,then wash and condition again! Comb through it just to get it somewhat manageable. I never quite got it to wear I wanted it. But it was good enough to work with. 

I always have this fear people are gonna know i am wearing a wig! Lol which is crazy because there’s no difference between a weave and wig, really. 

This is how I found what I liked.

Step 1. I wanted something not too shiney and not a ridiculous in length. So I tried on hair that fit me and my style. 

Step 2. I asked the assistant in the store questions! 🚫🚫🚫🚫 Don’t do this! Talk to professionals and someone who works with hair on a daily. They will be able to give you good experianced advice. I’m sure I would have loved my wig if i did that step. 

Step 3. When you get the hair home wash it and condition it. You really don’t know where the hair has been. And people have been touching it…. eww gross. 

Step 4. Pluck it. And dye the knots. Just as you would a lacefront. Oh…. get a lacefront wig only! Use tweezers to take the hair out until it looks like your hairline. *** I took mine to be customized but since I got the wrong hair,  that was already processed the knots would not dye.(The knots are the parts of the hair that are actually sewn to the cap.) Then she plucked mine but felt it wasn’t going to work because the wig was actually didn’t fit correctly. So annoying right! Lol so what she did was add an elastic band so it fit firm and l correctly. She didn’t even charge me because the wig looked like a lost cause. 

Step 5. I went home and washed it and conditioned it again. Cut it so I had 360 baby hairs, combed it and flat ironed it. Then I pluck more and more hairs, so the top would look thin. Not thick and wiggy.

Step 6. I prayed that this would work because my hair was already braided into prison braids! Straight back! 

Step 7. Once I got the wig fitted, with the help of that awesome elastic band. I used got 2 be glued to lay down the front of my hair. I tied it down and slept…..

And when I awoke

I could even pull it up! 

Speak over your OWN LIFE!!!! 

“Words are so powerful” 

I did not understand what this meant for the longest. Like I got it, but was that actually a thing? I would hear this all the time. “Watch your tounge. It can become an reality.” “Don’t speak that over your self or into the atmosphere.” 

As I get older I see the power of words.I feel the power of words. I recently experianced the power my own tounge has over situatuons. 

So as you all know, I have started a new job. I came in having confidence about myself, but not quite sure if I have the knowledge and work ethic to succeed in this particular field. I was nervous, scared and doubting myself. “Do I have what it takes?” 

In this state of doubt while having a conversation with my boss I said out loud…. ” My stregnth is communicating, and making partnerships. I havent really got the paperwork part down” Since that moment I have said that statement in  three different encounters we have had. So yesterday I sit down with her and she says, “Communicating is your strength”. I paused for a second. Then thought…. Why did I do that? Why did I put a limit on what I can do and convinced someone else that I have limitations. After that I didn’t say anything because I hadn’t had time to reflect. 

Now as I sit here. I know that we truly do have power. What comes out of our mouth can change situations, perspectives and perceptions. I should be speaking positivity! Yea communicating is one of my stregthns,and I have tons more! AND I plan to master the work load in this position too!  This is what we need to be telling ourselves. We only put limitations on our own abilities. 

I know this may sound basic but to me it’s powerful. If I speak well of myself, those who surround me and my situation, things will change.In a positive way. 

When we have our next meeting I am going to correct myself. “I receantly told you I only have a couple stregthns. Thats isnt so…. I am Awesome and good at many things.I am going to master this job and any task presented to me. Ha maybe I”ll find a different way to say it, so she doesnt think I am strange lol. 

Anyway…. I hope anyone out there who is doubting their own abilities or capabilities doesn’t meditate on that thought. Speak confidence, power, knowledge, success and anything more you want for your life over yourself. Once you can say those positive affirmations. It changes your mood, thoughts and eventually your situation. 

I will be taking my own advice! Believe me! I never want to sale myself short.

-Ebony 😙🤗

Elf cosmetics has a store now?!?!

Omg! So I know everyone remembers Elf cosmetics. The low price makeup and makeup accessories you can purchase at CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens and Walmart. 
I was in the mall on my jolly way to buy makeup. I wanted to restock for the winter, since I am getting to my winter shade of melanin. As I am walking, I see the words Elf. I thought hmm new store, nice. I looked over my shoulder to the left. All I see is makeup! 🤗 Of course I had to step in. I asked an employee when this was built and she replied it’s brand new. As I walked through the store and looked at prices all I could saw was affordable!!! Foundations for $6, makeuo brushes for $3, pigmented, creamy,  100 count  eyeshadows for $15. I was in makeup paradise! (((Something to know about me…. if I don’t have to spend a lot of money. I rather not!)))

I found some really cool stuff and winter colors! Take a look! 

My favorite purchase was the felt tip eyeliner! 

I also purchased a foundation with 3 differnts hues of brown and a color corrector.

Along with the stiff makeup brush I like! 

I also purchased a powder. Which took the extra shine from my makeup. Also makong my lipstick appear matte! 

Are you ready for the final look!?!?! It’s not dramatic. I was off to work. 

Oh….. of course you must take a silly picture at 7:30am 🤔

Always need a picture with a real smile! 

I’ll give you updates on it! 

Comment below if you have questions! 

-Ebony 😙😆

Frontlace Review….

It’s no secret….. people wear weaves, exstentions, fake hair…. HAIR THAT WE DID NOT GROW. LOL and guess what else??? ITS OKAY! 

I remember when I was a little girl rocking braids (extensions). When all the kids on the playground found out, they would say… “omg! are you wearing fake hair???” At first I didnt know how to respond. I would think all these other little girls had regular hair styles. Never any braids or beads, nothing extra special like me. I woukd be thrilled over the fact, my mom took extra time out of her weekend to make me look glamourous! I thought to myself. “These kids have all these questions for me because my hair is amazing!” I was a celebrity on the playground. The kids were so intrigued about the things I could do to my hair: natural, afro, cornrows, interlocs (now crochet), braids, twists, straight and extensions.

I loved it then and I love it now! No shade on anyone else, but I rather not be basic. I like to dress up and change my look often. With every look my hair is still remains my crown of glory! 

With that being said, I currently have a frontlace. I am sure this is not new, just new to me. I also must admit while I love braids. I don’t rock weaves often. They are usually a bit itchy and the hair can shed a lot. 
I had been doing research on fronlace’s. I loved how they looked and I could protect my natural hair for awhile. For those of you who don’t know what they are… 

Frontlace’s are hair that comes sewn to a lace piece that you can sew on to your cornrows. It allows you to part your weave where ever you want. Have baby hairs…. because we all know how important that is! You are able to rock half up, half down and a pony tail. I find it extra helpful because I do not have to keep messing with my natural hair or putting heat on it. Meaning this is a great protective style. 

Here are some pictures below.

The edges 

The pony tail

The messy bun

Straight down

Kinda half up, half down

Some tips…. When first getting the frontlace installed I was told i had to get it reinstalled every two weeks…. Secret about me. I do not like wasting money! So naturally I said, “when I feel I need it redone. That’s when I’ll do it.” As of right now its been about 4 weeks. It still looks okay, but perhaps i could have gone back to get it done last week LOL. It’s fine though. I have a hair appointment for a touch up Monday. 

Here is what I used to help hold it down and keep the edges SLICK.

This stuff worked miracles! When I remembered to add it. lol 

I plan on getting another soon. Maybe in January, curly instead of straight. I will share my experience with that one too. 

Feel free to comment! 

-Ebony 😚🤗

See past your current situation…..

Recently I was taking my long drive to work. I felt myself getting anxious and aggravated in this Los Angeles traffic. (Which is by no means regular traffic) I was frustrated because I was already running late and to top it off I had a hour and a half ride left…. Usually when my GPS reads 15 miles, I am used to getting to my destination in 15minutes. But not in this city. 15 miles took me nearly 2 hours. 

I felt myself getting antsy and wanting to have road rage. Then I thought….. why and how can I explain being mad at the people driving beside me? They are in the same situation as me right now. I can’t get mad, its not their fault. 

I quickly turned my attention to the scenery surrounding. Af first I saw cars, concrete and people rushing to get to “important” appointments. After watching for awhile. I began to see color, art, nature, diversity…. LIFE! The beauty and uniqueness of things that I often look past. 

So, I did what I do best and started snaping pictures. I hopes to capture my new found visual treasures. 

Take a look! 

The beauty did not make traffic go away…. at all. Yet, It helped me relax. Take a few breaths and see past my current situation. Made me think…. all situayions are temporary. Sometimes we have to slow down to see what is really happening. See beyond the current.


Find your place of PEACE 

Los Angeles is super SUPER busy! I moved here from a city but much slower. I really felt I was a city girl, until I arrived here. There’s constant traffic and a million people around every corner. This city truly never sleeps! But the hustle of life keeps me here. People are very ambitious and determined to succeed like myself. So, I’m dedicated to learning from them. 
With all that being said, as you can imagine. In a place like this you have to find little treasures and pieces of joy. I can say one of mine is the beach. I absolutely love being outside feeling the sun beaming off my skin. I am so happy,  I can simply hop in the car. Drive for 20 to 40 minutes, then spend my day digging my toes in the sand and watching birds soar through the sky or fight in the sand over a child’s left behind Cheetos. And don’t even  get me started on the feel and smell of the fresh beach air. 🤗🤗🤗😎 Give me a beach blanket, jazz and a fruit salad and I am there for the day! 

*With this California weather I could actually go to the beach right now! Yes, even in November! Anyways, I love the beach so much, thought I would share it with y’all . 

-Ebony 😙💖


Don’t ever quit what you love.


I can’t believe I have been off wordpress for so long! It has been like three months, right? Geesh! Not too much has happened between those three months. I am just continuing  to learn my new job and continually  feeling blessed to be in this position. In the past three months I have had the opportunity to travel around different parts of California and Texas! I am now back in Los Angeles for awhile. Though I’m a bit sad I’m not traveling as much, I am happy to sleep in my own bed!

Being away took some attention off the things I like to do. My blog was like therapy to me. Even if no one reads it…. Not really. lol I want people to read it! But Im sure you get what I’m saying. Anyway I stopped because someone questioned my ability to write. I know I am not the strongest writer, but I’m  on here to share a story. I mean I’m sure I’ll recieve more tips, and advance my writing  skills as I write. But what someone thinks should not hold you back from doing what you love.

After I stopped writing I was a bit shocked, someone asked, “Hey why did you stop blogging? Your words were really helping me.” I thought why did I stop writing? Just because someone points out a flaw or two doesn’t mean you stop what you love! So…. I’m back on here to write and share my journey. Never let anyone speak your destiny. Take criticism as a stepping stone. Take from it what you need and keep achieving. I’ve learned life’s little journeys teach you multiple lessons. LISTEN TO THEM! Don’t ever stop what you love, just keep progressing and getting better! In the end your happiness matters the most!


In God’s timing….


For those of you who have been following my story, you know I have been working my butt off to land a great employment position.
On March 12th, I wrote that I was determined to find a job. “I only need that 1 yes!” I was desperate and it was obvious. I applied and had interviews for preschools, AAA, administrative positions…. the list goes on and on. The Lord knew I did not want to do many of the jobs I had applied to. I was becoming so discouraged that I stopped praying. I was all wrapped up in myself thinking, “Okay Lord, since you are not going to help me. I will help myself.” So I began to act on my own and still every interview was a glaring NO!
  Early May, I was fed up! I had tons of interviews, some great opportunities and some positions I had no interest in, AT ALL! One morning, as I was walking to my car in a state of confusion and discontent, I said to the Lord, “Please bring me help and guidance. I do not know what I am doing. Lord I need your help or I am going to continue to do what I want, how I want to do it.” Believe me, I knew that if I did what I wanted, it was going to be a disaster. I was lost. I did not know what else to do.
➡ Fast forward a friend told me about an open position, which I did not think I had a chance of getting. Thus, I left the application to sit on my desk, untouched. Thereafter, my boyfriend says “Apply for the job.” I replied, “okay”, and still did not make a move…
  One day I tried prayer again, God spoke to me this time telling me that his timing is perfect. This caused me some ease and relief. After prayer my thinking was clearer and I applied for the open position. Within days, I received a phone call scheduling an interview, then shortly after a group interview. I knew I was doing good on these interviews, but doubt crept back in and I convinced myself I may not get this opportunity. Again, God showed up telling me to follow his word! 
God told me: “Confidence, greatness, joy, professionalism, customer service, communication, organization, Ebony these are qualities you possess because I created you!”
On June 13th, I received a call offering me the position! I had finally received my one YES! And not to just any job, or a job out of desperation, but an awesome career position as an Admissions Counselor! This opportunity was something that surpassed what I was looking for.
    God placed all those “No’s” in my path to test me, and make me reach higher. I wasn’t dreaming, nor thinking big enough…. I am sure I’m not the only person this happens to. Many of us get scared, nervous, fearful, filled with disbelief and act out of desperation. Do yourself a favor. When you feel that doubt, pray through it! Get connected to people who love you and people who have goals. Cling to the Lord’s word, Jeremiah 29:11
“I have plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
    What I know now is God’s timing, commitment, love and loyalty is incredible! Keep the goals you have, and never give up. Walk in purpose and with purpose. When the world becomes too much, drop to your knees, that’s where your guidance and answers come from.
For those of you who are doubtful keep PUSHING…. The next step is glorious.
– thanks for reading! –