I just came back from a much needed vacation, a cruise to the Bahamas, with my friends. I kept thinking what will I write about? But I think I’ll just show you my experiance. This trip was really an opportunity for me to do something different, see something new and travel with ladies who mean a lot to me. In my 28th year I am  recognizing what my mind, body and soul needs, and this month it needed some fun, adventure and laughter. . . So here are moments of me and my friends in the Grand Bahamas! 

We also shared some great meals together

 I’ve only added a few pictures of the many, many meals we had. I feel like I need to fast that I am back home. I ate a ridiculous amount of food. My goodness. 

Every time I travel I like to spend time talking to locals. I don’t just travel for the thrill and excitement. I love to learn about people and other environments. Since we were on a cruise,  I didnt get a good grasp on what life on the Bahamas is truly like. But I do have a peice of what it is like, which is probably for another blog.

What I learned 

While speaking with natives.  I learned that foreigners own a lot of Bahamian land. Gas is averaged at $4.30 and  minimum wage is $4.15. How can this be? That means natives work an hours shift to barely afford 1 gallon of gas… hmmm. Many areas I traveled were touristy places, so all I saw is homes and hotels of vacationers. The locals lived on other islands, which I would love the opportunity to see soon. While walking through the shopping areas a met a man selling juices. He was telling me all the healing properties in the juice. Lemon, ginger and  no natural sugars. He also showed me plants he sells for medicinal uses. I really wish I could have sat and talked with you more. He seemed to be so insightful about the land and health. One of my main focuses. 

As you can see I learned a minimal amount of info, but I still learned something. So that’s good! This has sparked so much adventure and curiosity  in me. I can’t wait to return. 

-Ebony 😎🍍🌴


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