As I promised here it is, my Mambo Hair review! 

You all know I love to change my hair styles, to see what marvelous styles I can come up with. Months ago, I saw a girl on instagram with the most beautiful twists I have ever seen! Of course I saved the picture and started researching. Take a look.

Aren’t they gorgeous!?

 I was asking everyone, “Do you know what type of hair this is?” Do you know where I can find this hair?” “Do you know what type of hair coils and curls like this!!?” I needed answers! Very few people knew….. but then an answer arised out of a hopeless place.  (Sounds dramatic, but I was starting to think I wouldn’t find it.) Someone mentioned Mambo Hair. So I started to research Mambo Hair and found out that was the exact hair I had been searching for. The perfect hair for kinky twists!  

From what I read it was supposed to mimic kinky hair, it was light weight, could get wet and super easy to style. I was given a website to purchase the hair. So I went to the site found the number to contact the company and inquired about the hair. To my surprise the lady that answered was so sweet and helpful! She’s also based in southern California, and has multiple distributors in Los Angeles. I was able to go pick up the hair and they gave me a list of hair braiders who know how to use the  hair properly. 

Some interesting things about the hair. It’s super thick and curly which is great! It also comes on a weft. There’s a picture below, so you can see for yourself what I am referring to. 

 (The hair comes in different colors. As you can see I got dark brown)

This photo is just to show you what a weft is. It’s when the hair is sewn on to material so it doesn’t get tangled or you can weave it in. My hair braided just cut it off the weft and started twisting. 

(This hair is not the actual hair. I just wanted to show you a visual of a weft.)

I got my hair done pretty full because I hate when braids or twist are spacey. I will do another update on the hair when I get it wet in the Bahamas next month. Also, on how well it lasts. 

I really like this hair and will be getting this again, very soon! I might keep it styled like this for awhile.

If you have anymore questions let me know! I love to share. 
-Ebony 😚🤗


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