I was always taught when you take in another living being, you are to treat it as your own and with respect! Making sure its well feed, excersised, happy and healthy.

How self centered is it to believe, humans are the only beings on this planet with feelings and emotions. Pets definitely have them too. Hence, why people have therapy, service and companion dogs. They play a tremendous role in life. I belive  everything has its place here on earth, and fulfills a divine purpose. God created everything with a beautiful thought in mind. 
 This dog pictured above has been with us through some super tough times. Consoling us when we were sad, and even showing us love when we were wrong. You can’t even find that in everyday in humans. There’s something special about coming home from a tough day or beinging in the midst of a difficult  situation. Then being able to come home to a bushy tailed, bright eyed being. Who only wants your attention and to love you! It’s so fullfilling. A sincere type of love ❤.

I’m posting this in honor and memory of a beautiful spirit, Comise. She recently passed away at the young age of 5. The ending of her journey with us, was completely devastating. Our dogs generally live for 14 years minium, and  pets in our family really grow to be apart of the family. We eat together, sleep together ,play together… and in Comise’s case, watch TV together. (I only wish they could speak, that would be amazing.) 

While she was sick, some people  couldn’t fathom the thought that I was concerned and mourning over the well being of my dog. Or even trying to raise money to save her life, the audacity??? Right? ..   Beleive me, if I would have had the funds for any surgery or health care services she needed, I would have paid every penny. In order to know she was going to feel healthy and whole. However, her health was rapidly declining, and she would have been in pain for the remainder of her life. We did not want that to be her life.

We honor many things, but it’s  rare that I see people truly give thanks to our furry friends and family members. So today I send so much gratitude, love and respect to Comise. For being loyal, being kind, being a friend and not biting us when we were irritating her. I’m forever thankful that God would have blessed us with your amazing presence. 

I know there’s this belief dogs don’t go to paradise, I believe they do. I believe every being is awarded for being kind and living out their purpose in excellence. Comise, you’ll always have a special place in my heart. Thank you for all the positive feels and energy! 

May you live in perfect peace.

-Ebony ❤


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