Hey All! 

I said I would be updating you about my adventures in LA. Especially since my boyfriend is away, pursuing dreams! 💃🤗 Things have been pretty good. I’m staying busy with work and catching up with friends. I’m also spending a large portion of my time, getting me together! Writing goals, getting organized, spirituality; you know just finding out more about myself, to live the best life possible! 

This week a friend invited me to Broad Museum, in Downtown Los Angeles. I usually like museums, but this one was better than I expected. You can find a mixture of artwork here. Modern, classic, urban, sculptures and thought provoking  peices. I’ve been to a few art galleries and museums, where people know about Picasso, Frescos, the difference in textures and canvases. This museum is not like that. Here one can be well versed in art, learning about art or just down to see some awesome images and have fun. I once tried to get into the fascinating world or art…I  took an art history class in undergrad.  .  . Let’s just say it was a decision that is going under the category of…. Ebony’s dumbest ideas! 😅 Although, I still enjoy viewing  beautiful, exquisite artwork and letting my mind wonder. 

With all that being said let me show you some photos from the night. 

As you can see I defiantly enjoyed myself! I thank my friend for inviting me! ❤ If you ever find yourself in Downtown Los Angeles, check out the Broad Museum. They continuously swap out the art and every time is a new experience! Welp thanks for reading hope you enjoyed. Comment below! 

BTW, for those of you that love hair, as much as I do. I have mambo hair twist in! I love love this hair. -Reveiw coming soon- 

– Ebony 🤗❤ 


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