During a time when our lives were in turmoil, 5 years ago, we were given a puppy by our neighborhood. We named her Comise. She immediately brought our family joy, healing, and She has been very sensitive to our needs and emotions. We have had to move several times with her by our side and she has been a trooper through it all. She even comforted us in the lose of another pet and her best friend 3 years ago. 
Yesterday, when arriving home after work. I found her laying by the front door unable to get up and walk. We tried to aid in getting up for about 10 minutes. Then we noticed she could not move her back legs. Me, my friend, and daughter lifted her into the car then drove to the pet hospital. At the hospital we were told by the veterinarian that she has a herniated disk in her back, which may leave her legs paralyzed. She has to see a spinal specialist at UCDAVIS school of medician, Veterinarian Hospital before this becomes permanant. 
The surgery to correct the herniated disk is $8,000. If I had the money I would pay without any second thoughts. However, I am unable to afford that. I make a modest salary at Saint John’s shelter, for real change, as a vocational culinary instructor. I have paid all I can towards her medical needs, and I am simply running out of funds. Currently I am just trying to keep her comfortable.   
Comise has a great personality and is very loving and active. We would like to keep her up going and help her reach her potential of living healthy to the age of 13 or 14, like our previous German Sheppard. She is only 5 years old now, but she has made such a terrific difference in our lives. If you are able to contribute to help us get her surgery, we would greatly appreciate it and so would she.

Here is the link: 


God Bless


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