Hey world! 

So today something amazing happened. My boyfriend left to Florida to live out his dreams as a dancer, touring and doing phenomenal things. I could not be anymore proud of his accomplishments! I want him to go out there and make me proud! 

Meanwhile, I need to figure out what I will do in Los Angeles in order to remain busy. When couples used to say, “my partner is gone, I have to find stuff to do.” I would think….”why? Just do you!” Now that I am in that predicament, it’s easier to say than do. I really got used to my best friend being by my side, daily. You know its that person to bounce ideas off of, laugh at your jokes (or not lol) , or just have some one to dress up with and hit the town. Then there are those days when you do nothing at all. But it’s okay because you’re doing absolutely nothing with your favorite person. Having that special person around is truly a blessing. We forget to acknowledge that and be greatful! I imagine if you think too much about it, things can become overwhelming. I wonder how the spouses of soldiers, actors and those who travel for work often deal with this.

and since I wondered I’m sure there are others out there dealing with is. So I’m here to share this experience and journey with others going or preparing to go through this same thing.

I have have a plan! With a list of things to do so that Forbes will not attack! 

First things first, I am actually going on vacation (cruise) with some of my closests friends April. I must get my body right! Eating healthy, working out, getting plenty of sleep, laughter and staying hydrated! I have some very cute swim suits to fit in. So, I already packed a gym bag for my car. Now, I can go workout right after work. 
I also have to stay cute! So I will be trying out different homemade face masks and detox drinks. I’ll share recipes here. As well as new braids coming soon! I’ll share photos.

And the last thing I thought of today was reach out to those friends I have made here in Los Angeles. I have heard many people say LA is full of rude careless people. However, my experience has been the exact opposite. I have met some amazing, friendly, talented people here and it’s time to connect with them. 

If any of you have suggestions on things to do in la… let me know! I will blog about it! 

I know that’s not the perfect list and a bit vague. But these are just my thoughts as of this afternoon.i am certain I will think of other things to do. Also this list starts tomorrow. Today, I’m going to eat pizza in bae’s shirt and watch movies. Lol because I miss him…. but only for today! Tomorrow the fun begins.

Ebony in the city! 



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