Hey y’all, I’m still fasting and trying to move past the FOOD aspect.. . I was mainly focusing on what I was gonna eat so much so, that I couldn’t focus on what I was gonna feed my mind and spirit. I will be honest I have yet to read any scripture. So at this point I am basically just on a diet. . . Sounds funny, but a fast without word. Is just a diet. My pastor said that, and now I get it lol

This week I have been reminded of the  past, and what God empowered me with on previous fasts. For example, on a fast in 2013, I finally completed my last year of college. I used the fast to keep my mi d focused.On another fast, while in New Jersey, I was having the toughest time with my team. My leadership and self was being challenged and compromised  every single day. I was becoming more and more depressed by the moment. So I decided to not give up, yet fast and pray. I was doing this everyday. That’s when God brought this awesome lady into my life. Showing me bold, Godly and confident leadership qualities. One day she looked at me and said God is calling you to eat now. She a had no idea I was even fasting! That’s how I knew God was present in my life, watching me, building me and empowering me through fasting, meditation and the word. . . When I think of times like those.  I am reminded a fast is more then a diet, of course you must eat. But more so, focus on God, his word and what he is saying to you. There is definitely a blessing in it! So remembering that, I move forward in my fast. I come to the Lord humbly and expecting his great and good works in my life. I will stop the fast when God moves me to do so. 

Btw…. I will still post food, to help some of those out who are fasting and need food ideas. But don’t get wrapped up in  ((just)) the food aspect. This is about you and what God wants for you.

Tom’s Urban mushroom tacos….. this was amazing! 

Buffalo wings…. (Cauliflower) this was good, but tasted like fried Cauliflower and and buffalo sauce…. lol not chicken wings haha it’s good tho. 

Til next time! 

Ebony -🤗😚


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