So I’m still going 8 days strong on the Daniel fast. It’s difficult reading ingredients and having to walk away from food. Yet, the spiritual growth is worth it.  

Tonight I’m eating a mix salad, sliced carrot, black bean, corn, chickpea  with marinated tofu salad! Yes marinated! My mom shared this with me, the key to tasty tofu. 

I picked my favorite marinade (or you can make your own) let it sit over night…. well 2 nights… Haha I forgot about it. And I am so glad I forgot about it because when I cooked it, it smelt so good and was full of flavor! I pan fried the tofu, then threw in the beans and corn. Topped it with cilantro and enjoyed the HECK out of this salad! 

Now all I have to do is figure out what scripture I’m gonna meditate on….. Book of Daniel or Mark…

*try the marinated tofu out and tell me how you like it!  

-EBONY 😆🤗😚


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