Well everyone, I just celebrated my 28th year on earth! I’m going to be honest. Looking back, I had this idea of where I wanted to be at this age. In my head it was a bit different… which I am sure is the case for everyone. However, I am learning to trust the process. I am super happy that God has granted me another year! I’m super happy I am working in a career position. Which is actually a great start for me. I’m well, healthy, happy and my relationship is blooming! . . . 

What I am most happy about is me getting to know myself! I’m at a point in my life, womanhood, and spiritual walk where everyday I seek to know something deeper about myself. At this point in my life I have grown to love my beauty, body and mind. I’m in love with how I see and view the world. I know no other person on this planet offers what I do, and I love that about myself. 

While working in the community last year. I heard an artist say, “if there is a void in your life. You fill it. Don’t wait for anyone else. You fill that void.”- Sandone These are some very powerful words I am queuing in 2017! 💪✊  

I’m speaking increase over my life in 2017. Increase in joy, health, wealth, success, knowledge, love and truth. Thank you for the journey 27….. 

Can’t wait to see what you bring me 28! 

Btw… I celebrated my birthday at this place called Harold and Belle’s resturant in Los Angeles! It’s so good.

when in Los Angeles, try it out.

Thanks everyone for coming out and celebrating me! 🤗😆
-til next time 



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