Yes we will get to the car! Ugh but first.

 I wanted to incorporate both my family and boyfriend into my new year plans. I have this little belief that my year will reflect how I brought in the New year. ((Which I am learning is not true,at all)) I came up with the idea to spend my new years eve at home with family, then in Los Angeles to bring in the New Years with my boyfriend. Which is an awesome plan, so I thought. I left home at about 1:20pm in hopes to get to Los Angeles by 830pm …. boy was I wrong! The weather traveling to LA made it slightly difficult to get there on time. We’ll, slightly is an understatement. It made me 5 hours late to be exact. I got to LA at 130am. . . Yes…I was pissed! 

Then, 7 days later I drive to another city to see my friend. We go to dinner, laugh, eat, have fun! As we pull up to their residence, what do I see?  …. OMG, SOMEONE HIT MY CAR! I was instantly over whelmed. All I could think is, I just got this car, Lord what is going on?!

Now it’s 16 days into the new year. I have had to climb over my seat and exit from the passenger side for about a week. My insurance tells me I can get it fixed with a $500 and rental fees…. WTF! Can I get a break!  I’m standing in line at the movies and hear my phone ringing. “Hello” I answer. “Hello ms. we are doing the estimate on your car, an most likely it will be a total loss”. . . Now I’m standing in line, in the middle of rage and on the verge of tears…. I am not even done making payments on the car! I just say, “okay that’s fine and hangup”. I tell my boyfriend and he is super optimistic. “Well, don’t give up. Remember he said LIKELY, not for sure”. (You know that feeling when you drop your last bite of food on the floor. And someone is saying.  “It’s okay, you’ll eat again tomorrow” Yea, it was one of those moments for me. Like I have had it! I have real problems here. It’s a time to be realistic, not optimistic! 

Rewind to new years. . . Im sitting in the bus thinking. I’m not gonna get to spend New Years as I planned. I’m on this bus, with these people I don’t know. Everyone else is out having a AWESOME time and im stuck HERE!! And if this doesn’t make it worse, the man in the seat neat to me is banging his head on the window. Hard.  In this moment i had nothing todo but revert back to my foundation.So what do I do,  start meditating, listening to gospel music and reaffirming myself. When we finally stop I learn that the bus driver had the choice to risk driving the bus over the icey hills. Or taking the long way to ensure the passengers safety…. Now, I look back in thankfulness. That could have been my life. 

Fast forward to today… my insurance calls. They say that the car is good to go on repairs. All they need is my okay. Oh and they will also waive the deductible! Yesterday I was freaking out and now this. 😍…. I am in awe. 

2017, Happy New year??? The question marks were there because I was questioning the whole year without completely experiencing it. I was thinking the worse, without any hope for the future. Walking by sight and not by faith. I am so greatful I had someone by my side to bring me back to my center. (💖My boyfriend💖) To not let me get totally out of character and remind me THINGS HAPPEN! THIS ONE THING IS NOT GOING TO MAKE OR BREAK ME! 

Going forward I will remember, I can only take one step at a time. I can only walk forward and speak the best into existance. 

So now I know, without any question marks. Happy New Year! 2017 will be a great year. Meditation. Prayer. Faith. Love. Only spent forward. 

Comment below! Tell me how your new years is going! 

– Ebony 😚🤗


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