I absolutely love the holidays, any and all  holidays really lol. Anything I can decorate for and come together with family and friends is the BEST! 

I am currently still on vacation spending time with my family 😆. Getting away from the large, busy city of LA has been wonderful! Don’t get me wrong I am growing to love LA, but being home with familiar,loving faces is amazing. It gives me time to relax, rejuvenate, be loved by my number 1’s,  remember why I work so hard, and reflect! Not to mention the food! Ugh laws! The FOOD! 

Christmas eve feast for GAME NIGHT!

I had eaten my whole breakfast before I decided to take a pic. Hopefully this  explains the half eaten pancake! 

Wish I had a photo of the two Christmas dinners I had…. but it was too good to stop, find my phone and take a piture.

The last two years I have been living on my own. 2014 traveling the US. 2015 fighting for social Justice in Los Angeles. With all the energy needed to do my best in those years. It left me too exhausted to come home and decorate. So, coming home and knowing my home will be decorated and warm is such a relief! I absolutely love it.
Mommy’s home

Grandparents home

I am here a bit longer and plan on making it the best time! I try to come visit frequently! The next thing I will be doing is my annual vision board and goals! But that’s for another blog! 

Share your holiday experiance with me! 

-Ebony 🤗😘


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