Yes y’all I have taken it to the next level and purchased a wig! 🤔 I remember making fun of people wearing wigs and laughing at the thought of it. Thinking…. “what are you gonna do if it falls off?” But hey, I got tired of having something sewn to my head all the time. I wanted my scalp to breath. 

Here’s my lacefront wig review.

I will start by saying, I should have done much more research on hair before my purchase. I bought what I thought was raw Indian Remy hair….. but it was so rough after a couple wears. I had to wash it condition it,then wash and condition again! Comb through it just to get it somewhat manageable. I never quite got it to wear I wanted it. But it was good enough to work with. 

I always have this fear people are gonna know i am wearing a wig! Lol which is crazy because there’s no difference between a weave and wig, really. 

This is how I found what I liked.

Step 1. I wanted something not too shiney and not a ridiculous in length. So I tried on hair that fit me and my style. 

Step 2. I asked the assistant in the store questions! 🚫🚫🚫🚫 Don’t do this! Talk to professionals and someone who works with hair on a daily. They will be able to give you good experianced advice. I’m sure I would have loved my wig if i did that step. 

Step 3. When you get the hair home wash it and condition it. You really don’t know where the hair has been. And people have been touching it…. eww gross. 

Step 4. Pluck it. And dye the knots. Just as you would a lacefront. Oh…. get a lacefront wig only! Use tweezers to take the hair out until it looks like your hairline. *** I took mine to be customized but since I got the wrong hair,  that was already processed the knots would not dye.(The knots are the parts of the hair that are actually sewn to the cap.) Then she plucked mine but felt it wasn’t going to work because the wig was actually didn’t fit correctly. So annoying right! Lol so what she did was add an elastic band so it fit firm and l correctly. She didn’t even charge me because the wig looked like a lost cause. 

Step 5. I went home and washed it and conditioned it again. Cut it so I had 360 baby hairs, combed it and flat ironed it. Then I pluck more and more hairs, so the top would look thin. Not thick and wiggy.

Step 6. I prayed that this would work because my hair was already braided into prison braids! Straight back! 

Step 7. Once I got the wig fitted, with the help of that awesome elastic band. I used got 2 be glued to lay down the front of my hair. I tied it down and slept…..

And when I awoke

I could even pull it up! 


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