“Words are so powerful” 

I did not understand what this meant for the longest. Like I got it, but was that actually a thing? I would hear this all the time. “Watch your tounge. It can become an reality.” “Don’t speak that over your self or into the atmosphere.” 

As I get older I see the power of words.I feel the power of words. I recently experianced the power my own tounge has over situatuons. 

So as you all know, I have started a new job. I came in having confidence about myself, but not quite sure if I have the knowledge and work ethic to succeed in this particular field. I was nervous, scared and doubting myself. “Do I have what it takes?” 

In this state of doubt while having a conversation with my boss I said out loud…. ” My stregnth is communicating, and making partnerships. I havent really got the paperwork part down” Since that moment I have said that statement in  three different encounters we have had. So yesterday I sit down with her and she says, “Communicating is your strength”. I paused for a second. Then thought…. Why did I do that? Why did I put a limit on what I can do and convinced someone else that I have limitations. After that I didn’t say anything because I hadn’t had time to reflect. 

Now as I sit here. I know that we truly do have power. What comes out of our mouth can change situations, perspectives and perceptions. I should be speaking positivity! Yea communicating is one of my stregthns,and I have tons more! AND I plan to master the work load in this position too!  This is what we need to be telling ourselves. We only put limitations on our own abilities. 

I know this may sound basic but to me it’s powerful. If I speak well of myself, those who surround me and my situation, things will change.In a positive way. 

When we have our next meeting I am going to correct myself. “I receantly told you I only have a couple stregthns. Thats isnt so…. I am Awesome and good at many things.I am going to master this job and any task presented to me. Ha maybe I”ll find a different way to say it, so she doesnt think I am strange lol. 

Anyway…. I hope anyone out there who is doubting their own abilities or capabilities doesn’t meditate on that thought. Speak confidence, power, knowledge, success and anything more you want for your life over yourself. Once you can say those positive affirmations. It changes your mood, thoughts and eventually your situation. 

I will be taking my own advice! Believe me! I never want to sale myself short.

-Ebony 😙🤗


One thought on “Speak over your OWN LIFE!!!! 

  1. Words really have great power and you to be careful about what you speak into the universe. I’m glad that you’re so positive and I know everything will continue to work in your favor! Congratulations on your new job!


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