Omg! So I know everyone remembers Elf cosmetics. The low price makeup and makeup accessories you can purchase at CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens and Walmart. 
I was in the mall on my jolly way to buy makeup. I wanted to restock for the winter, since I am getting to my winter shade of melanin. As I am walking, I see the words Elf. I thought hmm new store, nice. I looked over my shoulder to the left. All I see is makeup! 🤗 Of course I had to step in. I asked an employee when this was built and she replied it’s brand new. As I walked through the store and looked at prices all I could saw was affordable!!! Foundations for $6, makeuo brushes for $3, pigmented, creamy,  100 count  eyeshadows for $15. I was in makeup paradise! (((Something to know about me…. if I don’t have to spend a lot of money. I rather not!)))

I found some really cool stuff and winter colors! Take a look! 

My favorite purchase was the felt tip eyeliner! 

I also purchased a foundation with 3 differnts hues of brown and a color corrector.

Along with the stiff makeup brush I like! 

I also purchased a powder. Which took the extra shine from my makeup. Also makong my lipstick appear matte! 

Are you ready for the final look!?!?! It’s not dramatic. I was off to work. 

Oh….. of course you must take a silly picture at 7:30am 🤔

Always need a picture with a real smile! 

I’ll give you updates on it! 

Comment below if you have questions! 

-Ebony 😙😆


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