It’s no secret….. people wear weaves, exstentions, fake hair…. HAIR THAT WE DID NOT GROW. LOL and guess what else??? ITS OKAY! 

I remember when I was a little girl rocking braids (extensions). When all the kids on the playground found out, they would say… “omg! are you wearing fake hair???” At first I didnt know how to respond. I would think all these other little girls had regular hair styles. Never any braids or beads, nothing extra special like me. I woukd be thrilled over the fact, my mom took extra time out of her weekend to make me look glamourous! I thought to myself. “These kids have all these questions for me because my hair is amazing!” I was a celebrity on the playground. The kids were so intrigued about the things I could do to my hair: natural, afro, cornrows, interlocs (now crochet), braids, twists, straight and extensions.

I loved it then and I love it now! No shade on anyone else, but I rather not be basic. I like to dress up and change my look often. With every look my hair is still remains my crown of glory! 

With that being said, I currently have a frontlace. I am sure this is not new, just new to me. I also must admit while I love braids. I don’t rock weaves often. They are usually a bit itchy and the hair can shed a lot. 
I had been doing research on fronlace’s. I loved how they looked and I could protect my natural hair for awhile. For those of you who don’t know what they are… 

Frontlace’s are hair that comes sewn to a lace piece that you can sew on to your cornrows. It allows you to part your weave where ever you want. Have baby hairs…. because we all know how important that is! You are able to rock half up, half down and a pony tail. I find it extra helpful because I do not have to keep messing with my natural hair or putting heat on it. Meaning this is a great protective style. 

Here are some pictures below.

The edges 

The pony tail

The messy bun

Straight down

Kinda half up, half down

Some tips…. When first getting the frontlace installed I was told i had to get it reinstalled every two weeks…. Secret about me. I do not like wasting money! So naturally I said, “when I feel I need it redone. That’s when I’ll do it.” As of right now its been about 4 weeks. It still looks okay, but perhaps i could have gone back to get it done last week LOL. It’s fine though. I have a hair appointment for a touch up Monday. 

Here is what I used to help hold it down and keep the edges SLICK.

This stuff worked miracles! When I remembered to add it. lol 

I plan on getting another soon. Maybe in January, curly instead of straight. I will share my experience with that one too. 

Feel free to comment! 

-Ebony ūüėöūü§ó


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