Recently I was taking my long drive to work. I felt myself getting anxious and aggravated in this Los Angeles traffic. (Which is by no means regular traffic) I was frustrated because I was already running late and to top it off I had a hour and a half ride left…. Usually when my GPS reads 15 miles, I am used to getting to my destination in 15minutes. But not in this city. 15 miles took me nearly 2 hours. 

I felt myself getting antsy and wanting to have road rage. Then I thought….. why and how can I explain being mad at the people driving beside me? They are in the same situation as me right now. I can’t get mad, its not their fault. 

I quickly turned my attention to the scenery surrounding. Af first I saw cars, concrete and people rushing to get to “important” appointments. After watching for awhile. I began to see color, art, nature, diversity…. LIFE! The beauty and uniqueness of things that I often look past. 

So, I did what I do best and started snaping pictures. I hopes to capture my new found visual treasures. 

Take a look! 

The beauty did not make traffic go away…. at all. Yet, It helped me relax. Take a few breaths and see past my current situation. Made me think…. all situayions are temporary. Sometimes we have to slow down to see what is really happening. See beyond the current.



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