Lately I realize I am looking at EVERYTHING negatively. I wakeup thinking…. Ugh another day, in an office, no light, no true conversation, no fresh air, no time for myself! I look at my bank account completely unsatisfied. I look at my wardrobe not at all impressed. I don’t thank those around me for listening to me vent. Many times I over look those who continuously give me support. I look at my situation as a burden. I constantly find myself asking, “when will this and that get better?” “Why does this have to happen?”  “Wouldn’t life be easier if…?”

It’s sad to fathem that if I don’t catch myself now, I will slowly turn into an old pessimistic nag! (a bit dramatic, I know) but it’s true.  I’m not practicing good behaviors. It is so easy to complain about everything, not realizing my blessings, or areas for self improvement.

I’ve decided to practice what I preach and reframe my situation. Many people wake up wanting a job to provide simply the basics for their families. (I have that) They want to have a bank account (I have that)  and wish they had a support system (I have a great one). I have all of this and more. I know we should never be complacent, but we should be appriciative! I should be appreciative of all that I DO HAVE.

Taking time to thank God for waking me up in the morning, for having food in my refrigerator, for having loving friends and family, for having hope and opportunities…. Is what I promise to start practicing.

Basically I say all this to say, if anyone is going through this similar feeling right now, just remember the positive things you do have. Try not to dwell on the inequities in life. Instead work on your happiness daily! Find the good in situations and make positives in what you find negative.

***I have to remember life is what I make it! I chose the path of positivity or negativity daily.


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