So I told myself I must start new adventures and going to different places. That also includes trying eccentric foods….. Today I tried a place in Los Angeles called 🍫 Chocolate Chair!
I saw a video on Facebook of this person eating ice cream, and fog floating from their nostrils and mouth! So of course I had to go! And it was not. bad!

The experience: Of course I had to take someone with me to experiment! I don’t want to die alone! JK…. BUT I did take my boyfriend. 😀 We stepped into Chocolate Chair and it was packed! There were so may people in there, which is to be expected. They have ice cream with fog!!!! The wait wasn’t too long. However, they were out of many things on the menu. I would say they didn’t have about 80% of what their menu listed… But that could just mean they were busy today.

The order: we ordered one banana split. It was huge! It came with thin slices of banana,strawberries, whip cream chocolate, carmel, and three extra large scoops of ice cream. It was delicious! The ice cream was extra creamy! And finally for the famous Dragon Breath 🔥 They were interesting… It was like huge pieces of less flavored fruity pebbles…That were freezing cold from nitrogen liquid poured over them. . . the Dragon Breath was not real tasty, but still not bad. You have the option of buying dipping sauce for them. We got strawberry and chocolate.

Now for the cool part:

The fog or mist or whatever it’s called comes out of your nose and mouth as you eat! I don’t know about you but I think that was so cool! Lol 😂

Cost: what everyone wants to really know! The Dragon Breath was $4.50 only comes in one size, but it’s a lot!
The banana split was 9.99. Sounds like a lot for a banana split, but it’s really big and worth it.
Dipping sauce was 2 flavors for $1

I will warn you that the fog is a bit cold coming out of your mouth and hitting your teeth.

***this was indeed a fun time though! The environment was fun and friendly! I’d def go back! Especially for that creamy ice cream!

If you are in LOS Angeles I suggest you try this place.🍨🍧🍦


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