Finding a position in my career within LOS ANGELES is no joke! I have been in LA for 7 months, and for 3 of these months I have been searching for jobs. I have been on 12 interviews out of the hundreds of jobs I applied for, yet, each of those jobs have been a glaring NO. Wait…. one was a yes, UNTIL they changed their mind. I know sad, huh??? Or trifling or maybe just stupid! Anyways, that has been my job experience in LA. The crazy part is I’m not even looking for a job in the arts or entertainment industry, so I could only imagine how hard it is for them.

I definitely had moments where I just want to stop and go back to the love, comfort, and security of myhometown, but I figure, “If I make it in LA, I can make it anywhere!” My goal is to be successful and happy! Not stressed or unhealthy…I want my fair share of the hard work.

I know I am good at what I do… And becoming even better at different things during the journey is progression. I just simply need that one YES to jump start my career. I feel it’s gonna come soon!

So to all the job searchers, keep striving!

Determination is key.


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