March 12th 2016

Reclaiming  Confidence

“What’s wrong with being confident?” …I believe Katy Perry sung it best with “I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar. Louder, louder than a lion.”

Confidence is a skill I lost somewhere between people who meant me ill will, spread rumors, standing for what’s right against the odd, being an outcast, and constantly being told no. As many of us know this takes a huge toll on one’s confidence and self-esteem. It took a toll on me and how I interacted with others…many times it silenced me.

Define yourself
I was raised to be strong, brave, and confident. As a child I was so sure of myself and genuinely happy! I was simply not afraid to be myself, fearlessly. Being confident was encouraged in my household. However, as I grew older that self-assurance became challenged and diminished by others daily. For a while, I allowed others to define my thoughts and my life. Little did I know that this was mistake #1. You should never ever let others define you. We all have our own internal light that is extremely different from one another
*Tip: keep your own light and let it shine as uniquely as you want!

Never quit you day dream

I allowed people to redefine what my life was about. As a child, I believed the whole world could one day join hands and sing “Kumbaya.” Clouds were truly made of cotton candy and I was on top of the world, achieving anything and everything I put my mind to. Another belief of mine was peace and love powered our world. Sounds like a complete day dream, right? Well it was, it was my day dream. A dream I allowed people to tease at and re-illustrate. *Tip: Never quit your daydream… Even when people are trying to snatch it from you. In actuality, those very people who are trying to snatch your daydream need to be removed from your life immediately!!


You are unique
A major mindset I had to let go of in order to regain my confidence was the desire to be liked and trying to fit in. How crazy is it to want to be exactly like someone else, not having your own style, no uniqueness? When in reality God created us differently for his purpose. I realized what made me have the mindset of trying to fit in. It was constantly witnessing how the real world operated. I felt that when you stand out, people can judge you and make you feel like a target. I had to get over the fear of judgement from others. No one’s existence is greater than mine, therefore, no one’s judgment of me and who I am is valid! *Tip: When you realize how important you are and how unique you are to this universe. No one’s  words can tell you differently! I had to look at myself in the mirror and tell myself: “I will succeed. I am a success. I am loved. I am in love with the person God created. I speak, I move, I live with confidence! No one else on this planet was to designed to do anything quite like me. No one has the power to take away what they didn’t give me. I am Fearless. I am not afraid to fail, yet I do not accept failure. I am great. I am not ashamed I am joyfully me.” These are examples of affirmations I speak to myself daily. I’ve learned to believe them and say them with confidence because they are true!

Don’t be afraid to fail, yet NEVER except failure
One more thing that kept me down was the fact that people would tell me no and that I will inevitably fail. The key is not to fear failure, but take it head on as a challenge. However, do not accept failure. You use that failure to fuel your passion to win.

Story time: I applied for multiple jobs, out of 100 of those, I received 11 interviews and did not get hired. To me that just meant I am closer to the one and only YES I need.

The key is to keep going…. believe nothing can stop you because you have confidence you will be successful regardless of any situation!

All these little hurdles are part of my journey to the top! I have to believe and you have to believe you will succeed despite any setbacks!!!!!

***CONFIDENCE, it can be a difficult character trait to achieve.  Yet, once you understand it is as simple as being yourself, it becomes easier. Just keep working on who you want to be and live the life you want. This practice will bring you joy with a new passion for life.

Hope you enjoyed a little insight to how I regained my confidence. Leave questions or comment below! ⬇⬇⬇

**** P.S. Confidence, I looked at this post and said it is good! Sometimes you have to encourage yourself.



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