Inspiration has come to me in the form of Beyonce… I have been wanting to seriously Blog for a couple years now. Many people gave me motivation: my mom, sister, aunt, boyfriend, best friends and associates. Yet, I wasn’t sure how I could incorporate everything that I am. My life, my move to L.A., my independence, politics, my spirituality, my relationship, equality, feminism, higher education…my life.

The first two blogs I started writing about positive vibes. Which is good, but fake to my character. I’m human and not positive nor happy all the time! My second blog, was strictly to my sister. Which is great, but I’d like to talk to all my sisters! World wide.

Now for the moment of inspiration. I was surfing my social media. When I see Beyonce dropped a new single. I’m always happy to see what Beyonce is doing, but I wasn’t a fanatic. Next, I type in “Beyonce’s New video”. It takes me to some gossip page. I click the link…. I see Beyonce on a cop car in the middle of a flood. Saying, “Y’all haters so corny with that illiminati mess”…. At this point I knew Beyonce was about to spill oil, and light it on fire!🔥(she’s lit) … I was more than suprised that she went in 200% I love how she is doing something so rare. Using her platform to address real issues in America. She’s empowering not ONLY black people, but all people. Giving us knowledge. The distinction and inequality in America is NOT OKAY. (period)

I also have to applaud her advocating for women. 👏👏👏👏 “okay ladies, now let’s get in formation”. “Slay trick or be eliminated”. “I see it I want it, I work hard I get it!” yaaaasssss. This is the part that inspired me! At this moment I realized, all we have to do is work hard at your craft, unite and stay strong! It pays off.

To make a long story and thought process short… I decided 3 days ago that I am in formation… And I’m gonna slay, and not be eliminated… With that being said, I want this blog to show all my sisters that hard work and dedication pays off in a big way…. WELCOME TO MY JOURNEY.

****I believe Beyonce has started a revolution.


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