The Bahamas! 

I just came back from a much needed vacation, a cruise to the Bahamas, with my friends. I kept thinking what will I write about? But I think I’ll just show you my experiance. This trip was really an opportunity for me to do something different, see something new and travel with ladies who mean a lot to me. In my 28th year I am  recognizing what my mind, body and soul needs, and this month it needed some fun, adventure and laughter. . . So here are moments of me and my friends in the Grand Bahamas! 

We also shared some great meals together

 I’ve only added a few pictures of the many, many meals we had. I feel like I need to fast that I am back home. I ate a ridiculous amount of food. My goodness. 

Every time I travel I like to spend time talking to locals. I don’t just travel for the thrill and excitement. I love to learn about people and other environments. Since we were on a cruise,  I didnt get a good grasp on what life on the Bahamas is truly like. But I do have a peice of what it is like, which is probably for another blog.

What I learned 

While speaking with natives.  I learned that foreigners own a lot of Bahamian land. Gas is averaged at $4.30 and  minimum wage is $4.15. How can this be? That means natives work an hours shift to barely afford 1 gallon of gas… hmmm. Many areas I traveled were touristy places, so all I saw is homes and hotels of vacationers. The locals lived on other islands, which I would love the opportunity to see soon. While walking through the shopping areas a met a man selling juices. He was telling me all the healing properties in the juice. Lemon, ginger and  no natural sugars. He also showed me plants he sells for medicinal uses. I really wish I could have sat and talked with you more. He seemed to be so insightful about the land and health. One of my main focuses. 

As you can see I learned a minimal amount of info, but I still learned something. So that’s good! This has sparked so much adventure and curiosity  in me. I can’t wait to return. 

-Ebony 😎🍍🌴

Mambo Hair review 

As I promised here it is, my Mambo Hair review! 

You all know I love to change my hair styles, to see what marvelous styles I can come up with. Months ago, I saw a girl on instagram with the most beautiful twists I have ever seen! Of course I saved the picture and started researching. Take a look.

Aren’t they gorgeous!?

 I was asking everyone, “Do you know what type of hair this is?” Do you know where I can find this hair?” “Do you know what type of hair coils and curls like this!!?” I needed answers! Very few people knew….. but then an answer arised out of a hopeless place.  (Sounds dramatic, but I was starting to think I wouldn’t find it.) Someone mentioned Mambo Hair. So I started to research Mambo Hair and found out that was the exact hair I had been searching for. The perfect hair for kinky twists!  

From what I read it was supposed to mimic kinky hair, it was light weight, could get wet and super easy to style. I was given a website to purchase the hair. So I went to the site found the number to contact the company and inquired about the hair. To my surprise the lady that answered was so sweet and helpful! She’s also based in southern California, and has multiple distributors in Los Angeles. I was able to go pick up the hair and they gave me a list of hair braiders who know how to use the  hair properly. 

Some interesting things about the hair. It’s super thick and curly which is great! It also comes on a weft. There’s a picture below, so you can see for yourself what I am referring to. 

 (The hair comes in different colors. As you can see I got dark brown)

This photo is just to show you what a weft is. It’s when the hair is sewn on to material so it doesn’t get tangled or you can weave it in. My hair braided just cut it off the weft and started twisting. 

(This hair is not the actual hair. I just wanted to show you a visual of a weft.)

I got my hair done pretty full because I hate when braids or twist are spacey. I will do another update on the hair when I get it wet in the Bahamas next month. Also, on how well it lasts. 

I really like this hair and will be getting this again, very soon! I might keep it styled like this for awhile.

If you have anymore questions let me know! I love to share. 
-Ebony 😚🤗

Losing a pet

I was always taught when you take in another living being, you are to treat it as your own and with respect! Making sure its well feed, excersised, happy and healthy.

How self centered is it to believe, humans are the only beings on this planet with feelings and emotions. Pets definitely have them too. Hence, why people have therapy, service and companion dogs. They play a tremendous role in life. I belive  everything has its place here on earth, and fulfills a divine purpose. God created everything with a beautiful thought in mind. 
 This dog pictured above has been with us through some super tough times. Consoling us when we were sad, and even showing us love when we were wrong. You can’t even find that in everyday in humans. There’s something special about coming home from a tough day or beinging in the midst of a difficult  situation. Then being able to come home to a bushy tailed, bright eyed being. Who only wants your attention and to love you! It’s so fullfilling. A sincere type of love ❤.

I’m posting this in honor and memory of a beautiful spirit, Comise. She recently passed away at the young age of 5. The ending of her journey with us, was completely devastating. Our dogs generally live for 14 years minium, and  pets in our family really grow to be apart of the family. We eat together, sleep together ,play together… and in Comise’s case, watch TV together. (I only wish they could speak, that would be amazing.) 

While she was sick, some people  couldn’t fathom the thought that I was concerned and mourning over the well being of my dog. Or even trying to raise money to save her life, the audacity??? Right? ..   Beleive me, if I would have had the funds for any surgery or health care services she needed, I would have paid every penny. In order to know she was going to feel healthy and whole. However, her health was rapidly declining, and she would have been in pain for the remainder of her life. We did not want that to be her life.

We honor many things, but it’s  rare that I see people truly give thanks to our furry friends and family members. So today I send so much gratitude, love and respect to Comise. For being loyal, being kind, being a friend and not biting us when we were irritating her. I’m forever thankful that God would have blessed us with your amazing presence. 

I know there’s this belief dogs don’t go to paradise, I believe they do. I believe every being is awarded for being kind and living out their purpose in excellence. Comise, you’ll always have a special place in my heart. Thank you for all the positive feels and energy! 

May you live in perfect peace.

-Ebony ❤

A Night at the Museum

Hey All! 

I said I would be updating you about my adventures in LA. Especially since my boyfriend is away, pursuing dreams! 💃🤗 Things have been pretty good. I’m staying busy with work and catching up with friends. I’m also spending a large portion of my time, getting me together! Writing goals, getting organized, spirituality; you know just finding out more about myself, to live the best life possible! 

This week a friend invited me to Broad Museum, in Downtown Los Angeles. I usually like museums, but this one was better than I expected. You can find a mixture of artwork here. Modern, classic, urban, sculptures and thought provoking  peices. I’ve been to a few art galleries and museums, where people know about Picasso, Frescos, the difference in textures and canvases. This museum is not like that. Here one can be well versed in art, learning about art or just down to see some awesome images and have fun. I once tried to get into the fascinating world or art…I  took an art history class in undergrad.  .  . Let’s just say it was a decision that is going under the category of…. Ebony’s dumbest ideas! 😅 Although, I still enjoy viewing  beautiful, exquisite artwork and letting my mind wonder. 

With all that being said let me show you some photos from the night. 

As you can see I defiantly enjoyed myself! I thank my friend for inviting me! ❤ If you ever find yourself in Downtown Los Angeles, check out the Broad Museum. They continuously swap out the art and every time is a new experience! Welp thanks for reading hope you enjoyed. Comment below! 

BTW, for those of you that love hair, as much as I do. I have mambo hair twist in! I love love this hair. -Reveiw coming soon- 

– Ebony 🤗❤ 

My dogs health 

 During a time when our lives were in turmoil, 5 years ago, we were given a puppy by our neighborhood. We named her Comise. She immediately brought our family joy, healing, and She has been very sensitive to our needs and emotions. We have had to move several times with her by our side and she has been a trooper through it all. She even comforted us in the lose of another pet and her best friend 3 years ago. 
Yesterday, when arriving home after work. I found her laying by the front door unable to get up and walk. We tried to aid in getting up for about 10 minutes. Then we noticed she could not move her back legs. Me, my friend, and daughter lifted her into the car then drove to the pet hospital. At the hospital we were told by the veterinarian that she has a herniated disk in her back, which may leave her legs paralyzed. She has to see a spinal specialist at UCDAVIS school of medician, Veterinarian Hospital before this becomes permanant. 
The surgery to correct the herniated disk is $8,000. If I had the money I would pay without any second thoughts. However, I am unable to afford that. I make a modest salary at Saint John’s shelter, for real change, as a vocational culinary instructor. I have paid all I can towards her medical needs, and I am simply running out of funds. Currently I am just trying to keep her comfortable.   
Comise has a great personality and is very loving and active. We would like to keep her up going and help her reach her potential of living healthy to the age of 13 or 14, like our previous German Sheppard. She is only 5 years old now, but she has made such a terrific difference in our lives. If you are able to contribute to help us get her surgery, we would greatly appreciate it and so would she.

Here is the link: 

God Bless

…. alone in the big city

Hey world! 

So today something amazing happened. My boyfriend left to Florida to live out his dreams as a dancer, touring and doing phenomenal things. I could not be anymore proud of his accomplishments! I want him to go out there and make me proud! 

Meanwhile, I need to figure out what I will do in Los Angeles in order to remain busy. When couples used to say, “my partner is gone, I have to find stuff to do.” I would think….”why? Just do you!” Now that I am in that predicament, it’s easier to say than do. I really got used to my best friend being by my side, daily. You know its that person to bounce ideas off of, laugh at your jokes (or not lol) , or just have some one to dress up with and hit the town. Then there are those days when you do nothing at all. But it’s okay because you’re doing absolutely nothing with your favorite person. Having that special person around is truly a blessing. We forget to acknowledge that and be greatful! I imagine if you think too much about it, things can become overwhelming. I wonder how the spouses of soldiers, actors and those who travel for work often deal with this.

and since I wondered I’m sure there are others out there dealing with is. So I’m here to share this experience and journey with others going or preparing to go through this same thing.

I have have a plan! With a list of things to do so that Forbes will not attack! 

First things first, I am actually going on vacation (cruise) with some of my closests friends April. I must get my body right! Eating healthy, working out, getting plenty of sleep, laughter and staying hydrated! I have some very cute swim suits to fit in. So, I already packed a gym bag for my car. Now, I can go workout right after work. 
I also have to stay cute! So I will be trying out different homemade face masks and detox drinks. I’ll share recipes here. As well as new braids coming soon! I’ll share photos.

And the last thing I thought of today was reach out to those friends I have made here in Los Angeles. I have heard many people say LA is full of rude careless people. However, my experience has been the exact opposite. I have met some amazing, friendly, talented people here and it’s time to connect with them. 

If any of you have suggestions on things to do in la… let me know! I will blog about it! 

I know that’s not the perfect list and a bit vague. But these are just my thoughts as of this afternoon.i am certain I will think of other things to do. Also this list starts tomorrow. Today, I’m going to eat pizza in bae’s shirt and watch movies. Lol because I miss him…. but only for today! Tomorrow the fun begins.

Ebony in the city! 


Still fasting! 

Hey y’all, I’m still fasting and trying to move past the FOOD aspect.. . I was mainly focusing on what I was gonna eat so much so, that I couldn’t focus on what I was gonna feed my mind and spirit. I will be honest I have yet to read any scripture. So at this point I am basically just on a diet. . . Sounds funny, but a fast without word. Is just a diet. My pastor said that, and now I get it lol

This week I have been reminded of the  past, and what God empowered me with on previous fasts. For example, on a fast in 2013, I finally completed my last year of college. I used the fast to keep my mi d focused.On another fast, while in New Jersey, I was having the toughest time with my team. My leadership and self was being challenged and compromised  every single day. I was becoming more and more depressed by the moment. So I decided to not give up, yet fast and pray. I was doing this everyday. That’s when God brought this awesome lady into my life. Showing me bold, Godly and confident leadership qualities. One day she looked at me and said God is calling you to eat now. She a had no idea I was even fasting! That’s how I knew God was present in my life, watching me, building me and empowering me through fasting, meditation and the word. . . When I think of times like those.  I am reminded a fast is more then a diet, of course you must eat. But more so, focus on God, his word and what he is saying to you. There is definitely a blessing in it! So remembering that, I move forward in my fast. I come to the Lord humbly and expecting his great and good works in my life. I will stop the fast when God moves me to do so. 

Btw…. I will still post food, to help some of those out who are fasting and need food ideas. But don’t get wrapped up in  ((just)) the food aspect. This is about you and what God wants for you.

Tom’s Urban mushroom tacos….. this was amazing! 

Buffalo wings…. (Cauliflower) this was good, but tasted like fried Cauliflower and and buffalo sauce…. lol not chicken wings haha it’s good tho. 

Til next time! 

Ebony -🤗😚

Vegan bean Tofu salad

So I’m still going 8 days strong on the Daniel fast. It’s difficult reading ingredients and having to walk away from food. Yet, the spiritual growth is worth it.  

Tonight I’m eating a mix salad, sliced carrot, black bean, corn, chickpea  with marinated tofu salad! Yes marinated! My mom shared this with me, the key to tasty tofu. 

I picked my favorite marinade (or you can make your own) let it sit over night…. well 2 nights… Haha I forgot about it. And I am so glad I forgot about it because when I cooked it, it smelt so good and was full of flavor! I pan fried the tofu, then threw in the beans and corn. Topped it with cilantro and enjoyed the HECK out of this salad! 

Now all I have to do is figure out what scripture I’m gonna meditate on….. Book of Daniel or Mark…

*try the marinated tofu out and tell me how you like it!  

-EBONY 😆🤗😚

Daniel Fast….21 days

About the Daniel Fast

The Daniel Fast is based on the fasting experiences of the Old Testament Prophet. It’s a partial fast where some foods are eaten while others are restricted. Most people use this method of fasting for 21 consecutive days.

Draw Closer to God

Entering into a period of extended prayer and fasting is like pushing the “pause button” on life so you can draw nearer to God. The Holy Spirit joins you in this experience as you open your heart to receive from the Lord.

Don’t Settle for Less and Miss the Best

You have a choice when you fast. You can focus the food and matters of the flesh. Or, you can enter into a deep spiritual experience with the Lord so He can work in your life and on your behalf. Don’t settle for less by catering to the flesh. Instead reach out for the best and allow God to minister to you.

My purpose for the fast

I started participating in this fast about 8 years ago. At first I thought it would be impossible to do… but my mom is a chef so she would make such tasty vegan meals! With her cooking, I could have been a vegan forever! However, times have changed and I am now adulting. Meaning, I don’t  think live with my chef mom anymore and I must cook for myslelf. How sad, right?! Lol As I cook formyself, I notice how tough this can be! But my thirst for knowledge, the Lord and spiritual growth is unwavering. So I will make the best out of this. It’s not about the food anyway. It’s about the journey! 

With that being said…. I will be doing this fast for 30 days and taking you all along. I’ll share my food tips, prayer and anything significant. 

If you have any questions about it let me know! 

This is my first full week doing this fast this year. Plus I started a month late. But it’s never really too late for anything! 

Here is my breakfast from Sunday morning. Oatmeal, Berry fruit salad topped with pecans and agave, with some heavily seasoned potatoes! 

If you want to join the fast. You must know, you can make this fast what you want. Traditionally, you only eat natural foods produced by the land. Fruit, veggies, oils, herbs, nuts, and water.

That’s all for now. 

-Ebony 😚🤗

My 28th year! Happy Birthday to me! 

Well everyone, I just celebrated my 28th year on earth! I’m going to be honest. Looking back, I had this idea of where I wanted to be at this age. In my head it was a bit different… which I am sure is the case for everyone. However, I am learning to trust the process. I am super happy that God has granted me another year! I’m super happy I am working in a career position. Which is actually a great start for me. I’m well, healthy, happy and my relationship is blooming! . . . 

What I am most happy about is me getting to know myself! I’m at a point in my life, womanhood, and spiritual walk where everyday I seek to know something deeper about myself. At this point in my life I have grown to love my beauty, body and mind. I’m in love with how I see and view the world. I know no other person on this planet offers what I do, and I love that about myself. 

While working in the community last year. I heard an artist say, “if there is a void in your life. You fill it. Don’t wait for anyone else. You fill that void.”- Sandone These are some very powerful words I am queuing in 2017! 💪✊  

I’m speaking increase over my life in 2017. Increase in joy, health, wealth, success, knowledge, love and truth. Thank you for the journey 27….. 

Can’t wait to see what you bring me 28! 

Btw… I celebrated my birthday at this place called Harold and Belle’s resturant in Los Angeles! It’s so good.

when in Los Angeles, try it out.

Thanks everyone for coming out and celebrating me! 🤗😆
-til next time